fWe have just added a statistics box on each paper, indicating the number of views the paper has received since its creation and the number of users that have subscribed to it.

What do you think – good idea? Useful? Don’t care? Hate it? …


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46 Responses to “Views & subscribers shown on papers – what do you think?”

  1. 8 to Infinity Bit Gaming

    Very useful! Thank you! I wasn’t sure anyone was even looking at my paper, but according to your numbers, lots of people are! Thank you!

    Very good start, but would also like to see more in depth numbers about the paper. But this is great for now!

  2. Michael Laine

    I like it. Thanks. Was wondering how many people were reading it, and if it was a value to my community. Looks like it is. About 80 people/day average.

    I’ve a couple questions –
    1) When I first signed up, 3 weeks ago, you had mentioned the possibility of revenue sharing for papers. What is the status of this? My University has 3500 students, and I am president of the alumni association. I can send a lot of traffic here, if there were a good reason to promote it.

    2) can you give details of the viewers – geographic region would be very helpful.

    3) Maybe this should not be on the top-right corner of the site. In normal – paper – newspapers, this is reserved for the lead article. Also, this is information that I’d call “Circulation” and every paper has it. So why not highlight it, and give it its own space on the top bar.

    4) I would really like a way to promote certain articles, from specific people. How do you pick which are the ‘top stories’? It seems pretty random. My community cares about a very small topic area. We want what we want to be the ‘top story’. Is there a way to promote particular articles or people?


    I really like this tool – one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. I plan on making several papers.

    Take care. mjl

  3. Michael Laine

    Also, I’m copy/pasting something that someone else wrote as a blog comment in October:

    Derek Rogerson said…

    One feature essential for publishing (esp. newspapers) is the circulation number.

    How many readers does your paper have?

    A nice “# readers today!” on the masthead or some other notice of circulation (daily, monthly or yearly) would be extremely helpful for promotion.

    Unique readers only, no robots, no pageviews.
    October 15, 2010 2:52 AM

  4. Derek Rogerson

    Unique page visitors is the only useful stat for me (no bots). Private stats as the default setting.

    You certainly don’t need a large above-the-fold box for stats (think small, unnoticeable). Ditto for the archive feature. Focus on actual reading usability.

    You hit it out of the park with your original version. Keep it simple.

    Thank you.

  5. Iskander

    Michael: Thx for taking the time to write down your thoughts & questions.
    1) this is something quite high on our list – we are indeed looking into offering our users to take more ownership of their papers (details to be finalized) – beg for your patience…
    2) probably tied to 1)
    3) point taken – this is same point as Derek. Give us a bit of time to look at how things go – we are willing to change …
    4) top stories are not that random – we pick them by taking into account a dozen parameters. But we well realize that the finest curation can only be done right by the publisher, i.e. you. That’s why we are looking into offering more control – again, thx for your patience.

  6. Iskander


    Point taken about importance given to stats (see above comment to Michael).

    Stats are unique page views (à la Google) for any given paper, so no bots are taken into account.

    Keep it simple – yes indeed! Something that drives our every move. Apologies if we don’t always get it right…hence the feedback request to point us in the right direction.

  7. Virginie

    Also, there are some people that I want to keep on following with twitter but I don’t necesarily want their article to be published in my paper, it would be great to be able to exclude or promote some specific people from the paper.
    Thanks, I love paper.li

  8. Iskander

    Virginie: Thx for sharing your feature request – something we will be considering. As to filtering out given people, this is in the works.

  9. Glynis

    me too, nice to know some in our focussed community are actually following. Would prefer it not to be in that position (as with other commentators)
    wd love to be able to physically print it from time to time… pour encourager les autres in other settings (ie events and workshops we may run…)

  10. Marie

    I love it! I’m subscribed to my own paper so that I’ll be able to see things easily and I’m glad I did as I got an email saying it had been deleted. I had not deleted the paper, went back and easily created it. So, I suggest if you are not subscribed to your own paper….do so. Its just one email aday. Thanks for this amazing paper to showcase my followers links!!


  11. Tammy Curry

    I think it would be a very useful feature. Above and beyond wanting to set this up for my own business. I think this would be excellent for my larger clients.

  12. jmd

    It would be useful to also have the possibility of creating a link to one’s main site!

    The numbers are useful, but more so if it somehow also translates to site views, and there appears little way of altering the current settings (though perhaps I’ve missed something).

  13. vida.jaugelis

    Great idea and very useful! Thank-you. Nice to see the level of interest in “our” paper. Would be helpful to see not only number but identity of who is subscribing so we could acknowledge and use the power of twitter to strengthen the social ties.

  14. Lee Bishop

    I love the stats, and the app! I assume the number of readers is for all time, not daily, or monthly? Would it be possible to know how many hits the paper got each day? Or some kind of time frame to help break it down for us? Thanks.

  15. wrkdesigns

    I like the idea of having a view and subscriber count, but it would be helpful if as the “owner” of the paper I could see the list of people subscribing. Is there a way I can do that?

  16. Steven

    Agree with @wrkdesigns, being able to see who has signed up would be helpful. Also agree with previous posts concerning the ability to further filter the list of “Tweeters” who end up being published in your paper.

    Very cool application with promising abilities.

  17. terrylevine

    Already mentioned here, but I would like to be able to see who is subscribing to my paper?

    Also, it would be nice to control which story gets top story status on the paper.

    Thank you.

  18. Tiina Niskanen

    It would be nice for the reader to have in clear text the period for which the views have been counted. For the publisher it would be interesting to follow the progress of views over time.

  19. Kelly at Paper.li

    we are working on this as well as more control for our publishers in various areas. Stay with us. We will be rolling out new features over the next week and (near future) months.

    Thanks for your comment. Kelly

  20. Bill

    I’d like to be able to see more details about viewers and subscribers; geo, demographics, even who they are, if possible.

  21. Kelly at Paper.li

    Bill – you will be happy to hear then that in the near future we will release new functionality and features. Increased transparency and statistics over subscribers/viewers are included.

    • Kelly Hungerford

      Hi Eric,

      This feature is currently only available for the publisher to see. It was public and publishers were split if they wanted it public or private. We will be implementing See Views and Subs as an add-on, so you can decide if you show it or not.

      I hope this helps.

  22. Larry Crane

    I like the stats feature. The Cumulative Number from the beginning of the paper is less important to me than the fluctuations from day to day. Incidently, I make a blog post out of what I call the Best posts on my daily papers, and the viewership of this activity is not included or is it? I don’t see how it can be.

  23. Larry Crane

    I like the stats feature. The Cumulative Number from the beginning of the paper is less important to me than the fluctuations from day to day. Incidently, I make a blog post out of what I call the Best posts on my daily papers, and the viewership of this activity is not included or is it? I don’t see how it can be.

  24. Kelly Hungerford

    Hi Larry,

    We’re working on some additional stats for publishers as well to cover daily events. I think you’ll like that.

    Regarding the stats for the post you create: those numbers would not be included. I’d love to see the post though!


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