Hear, Hear! Guy Kawasaki is the first to join our newly created Advisory Board. It goes without saying that we are thrilled and glad to welcome him aboard.
Does Guy Kawasaki still need introducing…Silicon Valley venture capitalist, well known blogger, co-founder of Alltop, and now launching his latest book, Enchantment. Guy’s vision, his disruptive ideas about new ways to curate and distribute content have already inspired some of our most liked features in paper.li. And this is only a start as we are continuously brainstorming new ideas and discussing service improvements with him.
In joining the paper.li Advisory Board, Guy stated “There’s nothing that gives me greater pleasure than filtering and publishing high quality information in a beautiful manner. Paper.li completely fits the bill, so I’m honored to join the company’s advisory board.”
We see this as a significant step in growing the paper.li service. We are on a path that leads to re-think how news is aggregated, curated and published. Paper.li as a social newspaper publishing platform…where everyone is an editor-in-chief. Stay tuned …


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  1. PerfectJulia

    How Very Exciting to hear that Guy is aboard. I get so much positive feed back about the one I do for the Perfect Networker Community. It is a simple application with a powerful punch that I love!

    Thank you


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