Following the runaway success of since this summer, we have been under great pressure to scale our service to meet the demand for personalized newspapers. This development took the better part of 7 weeks, and led to a totally re-engineered service. Recently launched, it not only allows us to process a lot more papers on a daily basis, it also provides a sound base for additional features. The first of these new features are announced today at BlogWorld Expo 2010, in Las Vegas (of which we are a sponsor).

These new features are:

  • Custom papers – you can now create papers based on more complex Twitter queries, and optionally associated to a Twitter list. Look for the Create custom paper button on the creation page.
  • Customized update frequency – you can now specify how often a paper is updated. Daily, morning & evening, weekly, monthly – all possible. The update time can also be specified. Access the settings page in the my menu.
  • Paper archives – you now have access to previous editions of any paper. “ is bringing memory” to Twitter” (Brian Solis). Look for the Archives link in the header of each paper.
  • “Nomadic” papers – we have started experimenting with the embedding of papers elsewhere on the web. The first examples are Thriving in Michiana, and BlogWorld Expo. At the same time, we are also looking into advertising revenue sharing.
These features provide the first steps to finer editorial control and the creation of more targeted papers. You can expect to see more enhancements in the coming weeks…
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34 Responses to “Custom papers, archives & settings”

  1. FPC

    Brilliant to see these features added, but the paper settings page doesn’t seem to be playing nice.

    Once you’ve made and saved the changes, a save confirmation dialogue appears at the top of the page – but the old settings (timezone, preferred time) are still displayed.

  2. Derek Rogerson

    One feature essential for publishing (esp. newspapers) is the circulation number.

    How many readers does your paper have?

    A nice “# readers today!” on the masthead or some other notice of circulation (daily, monthly or yearly) would be extremely helpful for promotion.

    Unique readers only, no robots, no pageviews.

  3. Wired Pig

    When will the Custom Papers functionality be set loose? I’m really looking fowrard to this. Also, what is the ‘1 credits left’ thing on the Create page?

  4. SmallRivers team

    Derek/Vonbrucken – stats are on the way.
    Wired Pig – we are indeed looking at more options. What options would you be looking for? Also, the credit indicate how many papers you have left to create (out of 10).

  5. mrbloggr

    the custom paper option doesn’t seem to work now; it won’t save settings, can’t get it to limit itself to a twitter list, just goes back to “all twitter users” even after saving, if i could get it to play nice i think this functionality has a great potential.

  6. Colin

    I can’t find anywhere else to submit a feature request, so I’ll do it here…

    Paper archives are AWESOME but there’s just one little change that would make them AWESOMER: change the link in the promote tweets to the archive rather than the “front” page. I’ve had a few cases where folks were mentioned in the promote tweet, but the paper was updated before they checked it out, and they were left confused.

    Also, the Facebook Like and Tweet functions are far more meaningful on the unique archives than on the generic (and ever-changing) front page.

  7. hefferman

    This is the 3rd time I try to comment on the fact that in the archived editions the roll-overs Bring up a seemingly random tweet, different from the one it should be … OK, so I’ll try again …

  8. TriniGourmet

    Would love if when making custom papers the additional query was made optional. The twitter list I want to designate is already quite niche-specific and doesn’t require further filtering. However the paper won’t publish without an entry in the query field.

  9. Ed

    @TriniGourmet: only use the basic paper’s creation tool which just deals with lists (without any other criteria)…

  10. DENK_MAL

    Umlaute gehen nicht ? in Deutsch ? SV DARMSTADT 98. Wo könnte der SV Darmstadt 98 in der Fußball-Regionalliga Süd stehen, würde er nicht immer wieder kleine Fehler begehen, die letztlich eine große Auswirkung haben und sich in

  11. Ed

    Denk_Mal : we are fixing these encoding issues right now. Should be ok for the next edition of your paper(s). Thanks for sharing

  12. Qodam

    where to find the second edition with two release on daily basis?
    by the way, i heard, sounds like the ramones, singing happy birthday. is it the sound base for additional feature?

  13. Ed

    Qodam : currently the calendar (archives) is showing only the first edition of the day. We are working on it…
    Re: sounds, these are media embeds which load automatically on several sites. We’ll have to find a way to push them on “mute” – also working on it… (sorry but so many things to do and so little time available…)

  14. ThirdEco

    A view tag would be super nice and helpful! Just discovered today and my paper is up and running… very very cool!

  15. lizpanton just gets better and better! I was playing around with the new features and then oops! saw that I have 7 credits left – checked your Twitter messages and see that there is a max of 10 papers I can create. Is it possible to delete a paper? I could not see this option anywhere.

  16. Ed

    Lizpanton : Thanks for your kind message. You can delete papers by following the “my” link you see on the page header.

  17. stinginthetail

    i tend to tune into twitter once a day, and have taken to reading my main feed as a paper – and i love it. Makes it so easy to keep up with everyone and the news.

    As others have said, a view count would be good.

  18. Anne-Mieke

    Love this! Is there a possibility to do a version free of random advertisements? I don’t mind paying for such a feature. My main worry right now is simply that adds of my competitors will show up on my paper.

  19. Iskander

    Anne-Mieke: ad-free papers (or replaced with your own) is something we are looking into. We don’t have a timing though yet for this feature…hope you can wait! Goedenavond

  20. joreth

    I would LOVE more embed widget options. My webpage has a black background, purple accents, and white text. The only widget I can find won’t let me change the default text color (black) but *does* use my own background color (black) and won’t let me change that either! The only thing I can change is the header color, so I end up with a black box with black text, and a purple bar across the top. No one can read anything unless they highlight the widget, and who wants (or knows) to do that?

  21. Kelly

    Hello! Above it says that there is the option to send our papers out monthly (under settings). I don’t see that. I have daily, twice daily and weekly. Where is the month option? Thanks! 🙂

  22. Kelly Hungerford

    Hi Kelly,

    Well, it is possible back in 2010 that there was that option. It is no longer available. Sorry about that.

    Having said that though we do have requests for a longer-term so it is very possible that a Monthly is brought back. Stay tuned in here. This is where we release all of your product enhancements.


    • Kelly Hungerford

      Hi Andrew, sorry for the delay. Have you checked that the tick-box is checked next to Auto Promote under your Promotions and Email tab?

      If that is ticked ( and save your changes!) and it still isn’t working for you drop us a line at with your paper url and we’ll have a look.

    • Kelly Hungerford

      Hi, when you are signed into go to the front page and click on the EDIT button. When you are in edit mode there is a little box on your editor’s note with a pencil. Click there to edit.

      If you have additional questions, you can try searching our knowledge base. We have a good set of helpful articles!


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