We just added the possibility for users to edit the title of their newspaper. When you are signed-in and on your newspaper, mousing over the title will show a pencil icon (confirming you can edit this title) –

Clicking on the title will then allow you to change it. You can Save to confirm your changes, or revert back to the default title.

Note that such editing is only possible for now on newspapers based on your own Twitter username or list.


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13 Responses to “Edit the title of your newspaper”

  1. latoga

    It would be great if you could combine your twitter name AND a hash tag to create a customize paper (including customized name). I use a specific tag to identify one topic of tweets that I send out. Been looking for a way to share just those tweets for a while!

  2. burisman

    The “edit title” feature is really great of course, but it doesn’t work for both papers I have created (tried in IE8 and Chrome), what could be the cause of this?

  3. burisman

    SmallRivers team – Thanks for the clarification. The paper was in fact based on a hashtag, so that’s why I couldn’t edit the title after creation. Now I have created a similar one (Cultural-Heritage Daily) based on a list and it all goes very smoothly. I think this is a brillant idea, thanks guys!

    Kind regards,
    Eelco Bruinsma

  4. Madrio

    Hello! It’s really a amazing new option! Please, help me: how can I change or delete wrongly submitted paper? It’s now empty. Thank you!

  5. FrugalFreak

    I named my Paper The ******* Times Journal, but it reverted to The *google name* daily. why did it change? I own the website with the ********.com


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