Twitter lists are a great way to stay tuned to what a well defined group of people are sharing, without necessarily following them yourself.
To turn the lists you have created into Daily “Newspapers” really facilitates the discovery of this shared content. Give it a try.

How to create a Twitter list
: Twitter support page here
How to turn a list into a newspaper : go to the “create a newspaper” section you find on page header

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42 Responses to “TIP – Want more “specialized” papers? Create them for Twitter lists …”

  1. Ms. Ileane

    Hi, thanks for
    I’d like to control the update times or the people that are mentioned in the tweet announcement will that ever be possible?
    Thanks again!

  2. Maria

    Hi there,

    Is there a way i can change the title of the paper?
    i preffer to name it after my blog and not my name…

    I would also like to share only the things that i’ve tweeted and retweeted not all the people i’m following, thanks

  3. Iva

    I’d suggest a combination of the following: a couple of hashtags (or just plain search words, as some people don’t even get hashtags) and a list. Would that be possible in future? πŸ™‚

    I created a paper for the subject of my website based on a hashtag and it only shows my tweets and tweets of people who retweeted it.

  4. Isk

    Tim – we experienced some delays on certain papers this morning and are currently catching up – so it shouldn’t be long before your paper is updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Ignacio

    I HATE the audio voice over ad that loads every time you open this. That is VERY annoying and a huge turn off to using your product. If this is on tomorrow, I’m out.

  6. vamoss

    Questions ?

    1 Do you have a supportsuggestions site like

    2 When does put the paper together , the time influences the content ?

    3 Can we change the time when the paper is produced. ?

    4 Can you confirm the tweets have to have a link somewhere in the tweet , in order to be published ?

    Finally , great product , creating RT’s , interaction and many thank you’s from my followers , some of whom are convinced I choose them to be featured.

  7. SmallRivers team

    vamoss – here are some answers:
    1) working on it
    2) just before the scheduled update we process 24 hours worth of tweets & associated content to publish the paper
    3) not yet
    4) yes, we only take tweets that have links.

    Glad you like!

  8. Iva

    SmallRivers team, thank you for taking it into consideration. πŸ™‚

    Ignacio: 8 years ago, there was an ad saying “I see you!” and you didn’t even have to hover it, it would talk out of blue. This one at least can’t traumatise you.

  9. SmallRivers team

    vamoss –

    Thx for pointing this out. This is a special case that will help us refine the rules we already have in place to avoid duplicate links – if you look at the urls shared, all 3 are actually different:

    Unfortunately, our current checks were not able to detect the closeness and get rid of these duplicates. We will work on this.

    Cheers, Iskander

  10. John Williams

    Love the newspaper for highlighting the content produced by list members. The only problem I see is that it gives a featured list of the members RT an article when I would like the original article writer’s Twitter username listed instead. Currently I do this manually for one of my newspapers.

  11. SmallRivers team

    John – point taken. we currently show the first user that tweeted this article in the given period of the paper’s edition. If it is a retweet, then that’s what we show. But we may well consider doing what you suggest. Thx for sharing.

  12. Linda Sherman

    I’ve set up 2 papers from 2 of my favorite twitter lists. Fun. I need to edit the name of one so I imagine I need to
    1. delete the paper
    2. rename the twitter list
    3. relaunch

    Is it possible now, or do you plan in the future to allow us to select sections. For instance, I would prefer not to have a politics section on my page. It’s a topic I normally avoid on-line.

  13. SmallRivers team

    Linda – if you change your list name on Twitter, it will be taken into account on the next update of the paper.

    We are looking into ways to customize a paper. Stay tuned…

  14. jobsearchpro

    I guess I don’t understand how using a Twitter List should work.

    I expected that when I created a “paper” based on my Twitter List of 418 employers who recruit using their Twitter accounts that I would see some of those employers and their postings on the “paper.” I don’t.

    Instead, all I see are TweetMyJOBS postings, and, believe me, TweetMyJOBS is NOT an employer and is MOST DEFINITELY NOT on my employers-recruiting List!

    I’m not interested in promoting TweetMyJOBS as an employer recruiting. It would be appropriate for my job-listings list, but that’s not the one I tried to make into an LI Paper.

    Not sure what’s going on, but we need to kill that paper. Either it’s not working correctly or it’s working in a way that I don’t understand, and I don’t want my Twitter account associated with it.

  15. SmallRivers team

    jobsearch pro – any based on a Twitter list takes into account only links shared by Twitter users on that list – if this is not the case, as you seem to imply, we would need some more information on your account and list paper so that we can take a look – would you be so kind to send us an email:

  16. ncerbolles

    If I add more Twitter users to my Twitter lists, will the newspaper recognise them? I’ve just added about 30 new accounts to my list and it still says “Shared by 27 people” when I now have 57 on my list.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.

  17. SmallRivers team

    ncerbolles – the paper is updated once a day, so the new users added to your list will be taken into account in the next update. Trust this answers your question.

  18. Jimmy Tanaya

    Guys, this is great. Thumbs up for your hard work :). I could only wish that someday, will also publish tweets (not only the links) even tweets without any link. I believe that it’s also interesting to read the discussion over some issues with or without links. Would you consider about that?

    And I agree that a’s newspaper based on a combination of words, hashtags, users, and lists would be fantastic :). Looking forward to seeing this :).

  19. PJM

    I’ve set up a twitter list and tried to get a paper to publish using that list. I keep getting the message that I’ve either used an invalid name or that the list is not public. Neither of which is true. Can you help.
    also on twitter @PatMacKay. The input form for custom newspaper is not clear. In one place it say use @username/list name…then in another is says it needs @twitter_username/list name.
    Also for #tags. What if any is the spacing or punctuation between the #tag list…

  20. Kelly at


    Your On the Record looks like it is publishing fine. If a paper does not get viewed within 48 hours it switches from automatic update, to manual update. You will know this has happened when you see the green update button at the top of your paper. Click it , and you are good to go!

    For your Design Files paper, try your search like this #archeology OR “#stolen art” OR “#looted art”

  21. Michelle Luhtala

    Trying to set up a hashtag paper #ncramsss, but my paper isn’t populating with any tweets, even though I am Tweeting them. Why? Also I can’t edit my settings even though I created the paper

  22. Kelly at

    Hi Michelle,

    One thing that helps when creating new papers is to test the #tag of query first using Twitter Search

    You will see the content that is being tweeted with that tag.

    If this project is for a class, I would suggest creating a Custom Paper using a #tag focus. Why? Because you can own the paper, customize the title, add an editors note, and very soon, have the ability to remove or promote content.

    If you create a standard #tag paper you will not “own” it. It will be populated daily with content around the #tag and will remain on our newsstand for everyone to enjoy.

    For more assistance in creating Paper.lis, please visit our Help Center


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