Mouse-over avatars you find below articles on and start your interactions directly from there. A useful and simple feature …


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5 Responses to “TIP / Retweet, Reply, Favorite, Follow, Unfollow … directly from the papers you read !”

  1. Mats Svensson

    I was going to try this out, but it requires me to allow you to access and update my data on Twitter.


    And it also requires me to hand over access to pretty much my entire fB account.

    What kind of idiot would allow that?

    Why not ask for my house-key and my ATM-pincode while you are at it?

    Sorry, but this kind of crap really makes you look like some kind of scammers.

  2. Sam

    I think the ability to post to my twitter account is vital if the page is expected to be able to retweet – by definition. Also, this is a feature which I think is excellent and useful.

    I haven’t been asked to supply my FB details, other than as an alternative to Twitter as a login use – as with so many other sites. But only if I want to access features – not if I simply want to view. Really very good.

    So far, nobody from Small Rivers have requested my house keys.

    They have only provided a free, useful service that is built on sharing and login features used by many sites across the internet.

    I am not an idiot, but I am very pleased with the service. I don’t think the person above really understands the point of the feature outlined in this blog post.

  3. Mats Svensson

    “ organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format”

    … is what it says on the homepage.

    That seems like a typical read-only operation.
    So why on earth should i give it rights to post stuff on my twitter?

    And yes, it does ask for to your accounts.
    Click “create your own daily paper”, this pops up 2 buttons witch in turn takes you to pages where you get to hand over access to your twitter or facebook.

    Yep i get that its very trendy today to hand over all kinds of rights to all kinds of accouts to anyone who asks for it.

    But is that a good idea?
    Of course not.

    Its a bad idea, bad design, and bad user bahaviour to promote or encourage.

  4. Ed

    Mats, sorry you feel that way.
    But as indicated by Sam, read&write authorization is only to let you retweet, favorite, reply, follow and unfollow directly on the paper you are reading. It is a feature a lot of our users have requested already.


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