Evren is a writer/editor interested in content strategy. The interplay between culture and networked technologies has been a long time passion. He writes, both in English and in French, about these and related topics on evrenkiefer.com.

Wrap Your Content Around Regular Events

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How do you ensure your content flows continuously? Publishing around current events, seasons and holidays are a great place to start. News organizations are masters at this. No example shines brighter than the month of December. Year after year, they run stories about Christmas decorations. More recently, they’ve put a “green” spin to it by… Read more »

Storytelling lessons from “A Song of Ice And Fire”

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Late as I’ve come to George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice And Fire” book series, I can’t put the books down now. They’re well-written and engaging. Engagement is — of course — the paramour of social media. If we can understand how to drive engagement over such long pieces of writing, we will become better online storytellers…. Read more »

How to Establish a Writing Habit

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Writing is the foundation you’ll build your success upon. Believe me. Whether you’re working on a business plan, a marketing kit, a blog, a newsletter or an ebook… Writing is always the first step.

Inject Gameplay into Your Content

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Gamification is a very popular term with web product managers these days. It designates the introduction of game mechanics into seemingly unrelated products and processes. With the success of social video games such as Farmville and services such as Foursquare which give you points and badges to reward engagement, social gaming mechanics have arrived in the… Read more »