Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Build Community with @AliceKrueser on this week's #BizHeroes

Communities are awesome and essential for every business. But how do you get started building one?

This week on #BizHeroes Small Business owner and publisher Alice Krueser shares her tips on how she has built a thriving community for art enthusiasts, collectors and artists across multiple platforms.

Date: Tuesday, February 25
Time: 11am PST, 1pm CST, 20h CET

The chat transcript can be found here!

Topics for this week's TweetChat:

Q1. What comes first when starting a new business: community building or finding customers?
Q2. What if a Small business owner doesn’t have a blog?
Q3. What role can curated content play in growing a community?
Q4. Does a “one type of content” approach across platforms work?
Q5. What drives engagement on Facebook?
Q6. Is word of mouth marketing as important for small businesses as it is for known brand

Join @MadgaATQ and @AliceKrueser and share your best practices, tips and advice on building community. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Create Buyer Personas with #BizHeroes @JeremiahJWright & @JessikaPhillips

Have you ever heard the term 'buyer personas' and wondered what those are and why you should care about them?

Join us at the next #BizHeroes TweetChat and find out!
This week Jeremiah Wright and Jessika Phillips, from the internet marketing agency NOWMarketing Group will join us as guest hosts on #BizHeroes, Tuesday, February 18th to talk about why personas are essential for targeting the right people to purchase your service or product and how to get started creating them. 

We were excited to learn that Paper.li is one of their favorite inbound marketing tactics. In fact, NOWMarketing publishes and manages more than 30 Paper.lis for their clients (tailored to buyer personas!) and dominate the curated topic of "Assisted Living Communities".

They've even created an ebook based on their experience with Paper.li. It's full of best practices, useful tips and good, all around helpful information. Definitely worth checking out.

Here are the details for the upcoming chat: 

Date: Tuesday, Feb 18th, 20h CET, 2PM EST
Topic: How to Creating Buyer Personas for your Business
BizHeroes: Jessika Phillips and Jeremiah Wright, NOWMarketing Group

The chat transcript can be found here!

Topic Questions:

1. What are Buyer Personas & Why should you care about them?
2. How are Personas different than Target Markets?
3. What is an Inbound Marketing Funnel?
4. How do you get started creating Buyer Personas?
5. What value do they bring to your marketing efforts?
6. How can you use Paper.li to reach Personas?

Lastly, be sure to check out this video on buyer personas and if you aren't already following @JeremiahJWright@JessikaPhillips and @NOWMG, it's time! See you Tuesday!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Who's your Business Hero? Join us Tuesdays for #BizHeroes and meet ours!

Our community is as diverse as the papers on the newsstand and home to some of the most knowledgeable and helpful people on the internet. And we'd like to introduce you to them!

Join us Tuesday night at 20:00 Central European Time (1pm CST) for our new #BizHeroes Chat and meet the publishers, and business heroes, across all niches of the Paper.li community.

The chat is an opportunity to learn new strategies, tactics and tips from a broad range of topic experts in the Paper.li community who are as knowledgeable and passionate about their interests as they are about lending their expertise to help others.

It's also a one more great opportunity for us to promote the people we love most: our publishers!

Next chat: February 11th, 20:00 CET, 1pm CST
Bizhero: Mack Collier
Topic: Fans vs. Influencers

The transcript for this chat can be found here!

Topic questions: 

1 -When should a brand work with their fans?  What are the benefits?
2- When does it make sense to work with influencers?
3 - How do you choose if it's better to work with fans or influencers?

A word about Mack:

Mack is an author, #blogchat founder, publisher of the BlogChat Weekly and a selfless sharer of knowledge, wisdom and wit across social channels today.

Last year Mack introduced his book, Think Like a Rock Star to help people and companies build social and marketing strategies that will turn customers into fans. The book offers something to everybody regardless of company size or budget, and is even playing a role in shaping an ambassador program here at Paper.li.

You can find great pre-reading for tomorrow night's chat here on Mack's blog. If you don't have Mack on your radar yet, be sure to follow him at @MackCollier.

Both Magda and I look forward to meeting and greeting you tomorrow night at #BizHeroes. See you then!