Monday, September 23, 2013

Private Paper.lis and Twitter favorites as a source

We're starting off the week with a couple of new bells and whistles. Here's what's new for you!

Pro feature: "Private" papers

If you have a paper that you don't want anyone to see, you can now completely exclude it from being discovered on the newsstand or via search engines by taking it "Private" and making it stealth!

This is a great feature if you:
  • are in the process of branding and fine-tuning your Pro paper, but it isn't finished quite yet
  • use for monitoring market trends and the competition, and would like to keep it under the radar
  • create content for a team and only want them to have access to it
  • have an event and only want it visible before, during and after an event
To get started go to your Settings tab -> Publishing Options

Twitter favorites as a source

This is a handy new source that allows you to add content gems that you come across during the day to your next edition without needing to modify your sources.

To get started go to your Content tab -> Accounts -> and click on your Twitter account. You'll see a favorites option appear.

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Happy publishing!