Thursday, September 5, 2013

Add custom text to your Newsletter!

Hey Publishers!

Have you ever wished you could add your own custom text to your newsletter?
Now you can! 

Whether you are treating your subscribers to a full curated front page of content, or sending them a one article digest alert, now you can add up to 1000 characters of text to create your OWN call to action, and (drive traffic!)
  • promote your business
  • offer a deal
  • share a joke of the day...

The Email Newsletter Service tops the charts as our most popular PRO feature: more than eighty percent of PRO users make this the first feature they, you can be sure that there will be more enhancements rolling out around this feature and newsletter service. 

Curious as to what it looks like? Here's my newsletter, have a look!

Getting started is easy. Simply go to your Promotion & Emails tab -> Newsletter Service -> More options -- and start typing.

I had a lot of fun testing this feature this past week and I am really (really!) excited to hear how it works for tweet me, or leave a comment below.