We are co-hosting #LeanImpact Chat on September 18th and would like you to join us!

Nonprofits and social enterprises fill a very important gap in our society, taking a very important matter into hands: social change. Social change requires massive amounts of effort and is very often spearheaded with small teams and limited budget.

As a start-up we understand the challenges of maximizing effort while working with limited resources, so when Meg Rulli asked us to co-host the upcoming #LeanImpact Tweetchat organized by the Lean Impact organization, we didn’t have to think twice: Yes, Yes, Yes!
The topic for Sept 18th is Content Creation Success For Social Good Enterprises. 
We can’t do this alone though. We can only speak about our own start-up best practices so we would like to join in the conversation and share your knowledge and tips on achieving more with less within your start-up non-profit or social enterprise.

What is, or who is, Lean Impact?

Modeled after The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries, the Lean Impact organization helps nonprofits and social enterprises leverage and apply Lean Startup principles to the non-profit and for-good organizations.

In a nutshell, Lean Impact means:

  • Figuring out what creates real impact and discarding what doesn’t
  • Shortening the time in the “create – measure – learn” cycle
  • Operating with fewer wasted resources
  • Leveraging forward-thinking technologies to achieve our goals
  • Gathering continual feedback from our community
This chat begins at 9am PST, 11am EST and 20h Central European Time. Follow @leanImpact now to learn more about their organization and feel free to contact me (@khdhungerford) or my colleague @MagdaATQ with any questions.
See you Wednesday!

Kelly Hungerford
Kelly's a Social Brand Strategist and Marketing Operations Specialist for startups and small businesses.

As former Head of Community and Communications for Paper.li, she was responsible for building community-centric operations to support Paper.li's rapidly growing user-base.

You can find Kelly each Tuesday on Twitter moderating her favorite chat, #BizHeroes.

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