Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Style Your Paper.li! 15 Easy CSS Changes to Customize Your Paper

A couple of weeks back we buffed up our Pro package with new features and CSS customization was one them.

Since then, we've been seeing some amazing papers rolling off the presses. From slightly modified to completely customized and seamlessly integrated into an existing website we're are really excited to see so many of you putting Pro to work!

In fact, the papers are so inspiring that I started this List.ly to capturing some of my favorites. (Please feel free to add your customized paper to the list!)

Some of you may be thinking "That's great, but I can't code"! Well, neither can I. So I have also created a list of 15 really easy CSS changes that anyone can make. I've tested them myself here and they work like a charm! I've included modifications such as

  • hiding the title to replace it with just a banner
  • modifying the featured image background
  • removing the powered by Paper.li at the bottom

The first step to customizing your CSS is signing up for Paper.li Pro. Once you've done that, configure your custom domain and then you can get started styling your paper.

If you have questions, Tweet me @smallrivers or leave a comment here. I look forward to seeing your papers and hearing how Pro is working for you.