If you haven’t taken a look under the hood lately, it’s time to sign-in and check our latest feature – custom thumbnails images for your paper.

Custom thumbnails, or ‘covers’ as we call them,  replace the standard blue ‘P’ on the newsstand as well as the gray ‘P’ when your papers are posted and shared across social platforms like Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn.

Getting started is simple: go to your ‘appearance tab’ under settings upload your artwork and save. And remember! Only upload images that you have permission to use.

Have fun customizing and when you have a minute tweet us @Smallrivers and show us your custom covers. We love seeing new features put to work.

Image credit: Surfing legend Laird Hamilton via paddleboarddirect

Kelly Hungerford
Kelly's a Social Brand Strategist and Marketing Operations Specialist for startups and small businesses.

As former Head of Community and Communications for, she was responsible for building community-centric operations to support's rapidly growing user-base.

You can find Kelly each Tuesday on Twitter moderating her favorite chat, #BizHeroes.

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3 Responses to “New! Custom Thumbnails for Your”

    • Kelly Hungerford

      Hi Max, thanks for sharing. You can also add an editor’s note to your paper as a way to say hi and greet readers. It’s also a great place to add links to social networks.

  1. Frances

    Changed the thumbnail; however, it never shows up. Is there something else I need to do other than uploading.



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