Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's new at custom domains and more!

Keeping true to our new year's resolution of rolling out more of the great features you've been asking for, here's what's new at this week:

Custom Domains

As a Pro publisher, you can now apply your own domain name (like to your That's right - away with the funky numbers that are hard to remember!

Applying a custom domain extends your brand presence and makes it much easier for your readers to find the news you publish. Custom domains are simple to implement and we've outlined the steps for you here.

Updated Homepage

Last fall we launched our "No app" project at with the goal of redesigning the site and newsstand with a responsive design. We started with the most important first, your papers, which received an overwhelmingly positive response from you.

Now we've completed the second and final phase and we're happy to announce that the entire site, and newsstand, is 100% responsive in design.

Along with the new design comes a new look and feel and a great big hero space for us to show off you, your papers and how you're using them. Check it out.

Fun stuff

I can't let a the opportunity pass me by to promote #Blogchat Europe! February 12th marks the start of #Blogchat at a time accessible for Europeans: 20:00 CET. This is an outstanding opportunity to meet other European bloggers, exchange knowledge, tip and best practices.

To save the date I've even created a Google event that you can add to your calendar - see you there!

Questions, feedback or ideas? Leave a comment below or tweet the team @Smallrivers. We always love hearing from you.