Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Paper.li Color and Font Schemes

Earlier this month we launched a new paper view that boasted a responsive design and a fresh new look and feel. Your response to the Paper.li makeover was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you to everyone who sent us feedback.

One of the most commented upon aspects of design was the choice of color and font. Most of you loved it, but some of you didn't; the orange accent color and the font type were too specific to match personal tastes, styles or branding efforts.

Branding is important and we understand that. We also understand that one of the many ways you use Paper.li is as an additional channel to promote your business. So we've implemented additional color and font schemes to support your marketing needs.

Custom Color Scheme
  • six "1-click" color suggestions for easy customization 
  • color selector that covers all options, plus the ability to enter your own color code 

Custom Font Scheme
  • twelve awesome fonts to modify your Title, Article Title or Article Text 
  • six font sizes to compliment your new font type

We're excited to hear how the new color and font schemes work for you, so please be sure to Tweet us your paper once you have customized it so we can share it.

Again, thank you to everyone who took the time to send us comments. Rant or rave, we value your feedback.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Paper.li: New Responsive Design Paper View

You asked for it, so we coded it! Today we're excited to announce the deployment of the new Paper.li "responsive design" paper view.

Back in the good old days designing a user interface for a website was a whole lot easier. Consumption came in just a couple of flavors, desktop computer or laptop, and development teams only had one or two screen sizes to think about.

Today end-users, designers and developers alike face the excitement and challenges of accessing favorite sites and services over multiple screens; desktop, tablets, smart-phones, and subnotebooks to name a few. Accommodating them all is no trivial task.

So in order to scale across screens we've implemented a new paper view based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework and CSS media queries. The framework enables us to deliver you a tailored experience that best fits the device, resizing and reorganizing content elements for the specific platform on which it is being viewed. It also allows our development resources to focus more on features and less on multiscreen device maintenance.

The new design delivers an all-around better experience for everyone; publishers are assured that their papers can be read across all devices and readers aren't bothered any more with installing apps!

We also implemented a few other improvements while we were coding:
  • Cleaner, updated paper look and feel
  • More prominent positioning for the publisher's profile on the front page
  • Complete editorial control from the front page
  • More articles within each topic section
To see how responsive design works, open a browser window and go to your favorite Paper.li. Grab the corner of your browser window and drag the screen left and right to make the window smaller or larger. Check out what happens!

Tweet us or leave a comment here and let us know how the responsive design is working for you. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.