Friday, February 24, 2012

"The Daily is Out" - But is Yours in Top Form?

When was the last time someone thanked you for a mention in your If it hasn't happened recently, it's possible that your is due for a content tune-up.

Here are a few tips for keeping your paper, and your readers' content discovery experience, in top form.

1. Review your sources

Trends come and go and people's tastes can change. If your content sources are still relevant, then your paper will be rich with articles of interest.

Pencil in an hour a month to review your social media sources and experts. Recheck your queries, searches, #tags, keywords, user lists and those you follow. Twitter's advanced search is a great place to start, then follow up with Google+ and Facebook.

2. Edit your content is great for fetching, analyzing and making sense of the content that you desire, but your readers need YOU to make the final cut for them. Your paper and its content are an extension of your online presence, so take a few minutes daily to make sure that the content reflects you, and your topic.

Take the time to weed out content that you think your readers might have already seen, or that you feel isn't relevant to them, and add content from the web that you think they would appreciate.

Reposition the articles you like and put your favorite news spotters in a headline position. While doing so, look for trends when you edit and use your filters to reflect better what you would like to see more, and less of.

3. Personalize your paper

You never have a second chance to make a first impression, so before you begin promoting your

Change your note as often as you can to let your loyal readers know that you are present and thinking of them, and give them a new background to enjoy every now and then. They'll thank you with RTs, subscriptions, likes and shares.

Let us know what you do to keep your in top form and don't hesitate to let a publisher know when you see something you like. We're sure they'll appreciate the feedback!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Team Tip: Add an Editor's Note

The Editor's Note is an excellent tool for providing context around your and is your space to say "Hi" to readers and share important information with them.

In fact, Paper.lis that have an active Editor's Note are more frequently shared,  subscribed to, written about in posts, mentioned or referenced as an "information destination" than those that do not.

If your Editor's Note isn't currently active, take a couple of minutes to add it to your paper today. It's easy to do -- Here's how:  
  1. Log into
  2. Go to the front page and click on the green bar to add your Editor's note
  3. Greet your readers with a welcome and interesting information about you and your
  4. Hyperlink to your website, blog, FB or Twitter account. Editor's notes are SEO optimized. 
  5. Save, and your finished 
Interested in learning more about how the Editor's Note can help to tell your paper's story? Try this article by Evren Kiefer.  Be sure to leave a comment and let us know how it's working for you. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Use to Promote Your Next Event

As an event organizer you are probably using various types of social media to promote your event already. But do you have a penciled in as a part of your strategy?

As businesses integrate curated content into content marketing strategies, is rapidly becoming a tool of choice for targeting, connecting and engaging event audiences before, during and after events.

While most marketers use as a "twice daily" publication to connect key stake holders during the event itself, a can easily be changed over to a "weekly" just after an event to showcase "best of" content, or used before an event to create buzz. We recently stumbled up this post by Rich Brooks describing why he thinks is ideal to grow a specific and targeted following leading up to an event. He's even included a helpful 3 minute video tutorial showing how. 

Here are 5 reasons to include in your next event: 
  • Save time and cost  - Curated content helps event organizers lower the cost and time of producing content in house and is free and quick to set-up and customize. You can get your profession curated content publication up and running in just a few minutes.   
  • Promotion - We provide you with the tools you need to create awareness, promote your event and deliver fresh news, daily, to your audience. Upload email contacts, activate a promotional tweet or embed your on your website, blog or Facebook Page.  
  • Increase reach - Social sharing increases the number of eyes on content and curated content helps you create a much larger digital footprint. is shared easily via Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter and is available for viewing across numerous devices. 
  • Reinforce loyalty - Good and relevant content can be time consuming and difficult to find. Providing your audience with with fresh, compelling content on a regular basis is a valuable service that they will remember you for. 
  • Strengthen reputation - Curation can further strengthen your position as an "information destination" in your niche or area of expertise. Elevate your status in the eyes of your audience by pointing them to good content discovery and become the bridge between content sources and content seekers.
And here are a few event organizers who include in their strategy already: 
Share your upcoming event with us and let us know how you'll be putting to work. We look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Benefits of a Fine-Tuned

What do Hollywood, curated content and the 2012 Shorty Awards have in common? publisher Natasha Younge!

Voting has begun for the 2012 Shorty Awards and we are excited to share that Natasha's The Younge Hollywood Blast Daily is a nominee for the Best Magazine in Social Media in the News and Media category.  

The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and recognize the people and organizations who are producing real-time short form content across the social web.  While we can't take any credit for Natasha's nomination (that goes to her readers)  we certainly can share the excitement of her nomination for a Shorty -- and the fact that it is based on curated content in the form a of 

Natasha is an actress-preneur, writer and social media enthusiast. She uses to discover industry trends, champion new talent, give back to her community and connect with peers.  

What's Natasha's secret for the nomination? By looking at her we'd say…

  • Choosing the best content sources and news spotters that apply to her audience
  • Editing each edition of her with love, making sure her readers are getting the rich and relevant blend of industry news they crave
  • Adding a personal touch with the Editor's note to greet her readers, making them feel at home
  • Rounding off the experience with a great custom background that ties into her passion  

Being nominated for an award is a great achievement and it is clear that the love she gives her community, and her Daily, is paying off. We think the Younge Hollywood Blast is Red Carpet ready and we'll be voting for Natasha. Join us, and let's celebrate Natasha and the publisher in all of us.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Celebrating Digital Learning and Classroom Innovation

Last fall we interviewed publisher, Kate Morgan, an educator at Penn State who was using in the classroom as a part of her digital learning strategy. What started as a class project to inspire her students has put Kate on the map as a thought leader and innovator in education amongst her colleagues, peers and faculty.

Kate's success in incorporating digital media into the lesson plan was so great that the "Morgan Methodology" has become the campus vernacular for "curating tweets using" and Kate has been invited to speak and present her work with in the classroom at the upcoming Penn State Teaching with Technology Symposium: Embracing Change and the Culture of Teaching and Learning. (3 cheers for Kate!)

Today, in more than 30 states across the US, two million students and thousands of educators will come together for events organized around Digital Learning Day; a nationwide celebration of innovative teaching and learning through digital media and technology aimed at engaging students.

Various activities at both a local and national level, are planned to roll-out stateside to build attention and awareness around on-going projects, thought leaders, digital tool kits, success stories and numerous other innovative programs and resources that can help provide richer and more engaging learning experiences for students.

We are fortunate to learn about the opportunities and inspiration that curated digital content is bringing to students, teachers, academics and administrators on a daily basis here at Run a quick search for "education" on the newsstand and you'll find pages of results for newspapers published around the topic of education. Each paper with its own unique story to tell and goal to reach.

This is an exciting time for the field of education and we are proud to lend a hand where we can to promote digital learning in, out, and for the classroom.

Drop us a line and share your digital learning stories with us and the community. We look forward to hearing them and honoring the great people and organizations making them happen worldwide.