Monday, December 10, 2012

What Happens When You Send Out Your Newsletter?

Last night's #Blogchat was huge! (25m impressions) Thanks to everyone who joined the chat and conversation!

There was a tremendous turn-out of bloggers and marketers to share best practices around successful email marketing; interaction, engagement and how to drive traffic. There were multiple take-aways, here are mine:

Numero uno! If email isn't a part of your communication strategy in 2012, make it a priority for 2013! 

Nr. 2: To be successful, you'll need a strategy. Email is not going to work as a stand alone tactic.

Nr. 3: Email is content too! Deliver content that entertains, engages and solves a problem, interest or need. (Be sure to add a little personality, too)

Nr. 4: Be dedicated! Frequency matters and three times a week is too much, once every six months is not enough.

Nr. 5: There are a multitude of tools out there (pay and free) that allow you to easily get started with email. It can be as simple as a newsletter digest, or a more sophisticated.

Nr. 6: When done right, email can grow traffic, convert leads and generate sales -- and there are numbers to prove it!

Nr. 7: The #blogchat community holds a wealth of experience and expertise. Reach out and ask questions. Guaranteed you will receive a helpful answers.

If you weren't able to make it, take a few minutes to browse the Hashtracking transcript, the Storify and Mack's and let yourself be motivated and inspired by last night's chat. I am! Guaranteed, you'll find the information interesting!

Sunday, December 16th is #blogchat's most important topic of the year -  creating your 2013 blog plan and strategy! Join us! You won't want to miss that one!