Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Paper.li Community: Sharing and Inspiring

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Hot off the press this week: "Why Decision-makers Need to ‘Get’ Twitter".

"Twitter is one of most important platforms for business and learning", says Nigel Cameron, strategic adviser, futurist, academic, speaker and writer. But he believes that not enough CEOs, CIOs and political leaders get its potential.

In our latest Community Blog interview Nigel explains how he gains much of his information and knowledge from curated tweets and urges leaders from all section of society to do the same.

“An hour on Twitter leaves me much better informed than a day spent working my way through standard online outlets would,” he says.

Read Nigel's interview on the Community Blog and stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Professor Shivaram Malavalli, Managing Director of the eHealth Technology Incubator, as we talk success factors for entrepreneurs!