Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Use Paper.li to Promote Your Next Event

As an event organizer you are probably using various types of social media to promote your event already. But do you have a Paper.li penciled in as a part of your strategy?

As businesses integrate curated content into content marketing strategies, Paper.li is rapidly becoming a tool of choice for targeting, connecting and engaging event audiences before, during and after events.

While most marketers use Paper.li as a "twice daily" publication to connect key stake holders during the event itself, a Paper.li can easily be changed over to a "weekly" just after an event to showcase "best of" content, or used before an event to create buzz. We recently stumbled up this post by Rich Brooks describing why he thinks Paper.li is ideal to grow a specific and targeted following leading up to an event. He's even included a helpful 3 minute video tutorial showing how. 

Here are 5 reasons to include Paper.li in your next event: 
  • Save time and cost  - Curated content helps event organizers lower the cost and time of producing content in house and Paper.li is free and quick to set-up and customize. You can get your profession curated content publication up and running in just a few minutes.   
  • Promotion - We provide you with the tools you need to create awareness, promote your event and deliver fresh news, daily, to your audience. Upload email contacts, activate a promotional tweet or embed your Paper.li on your website, blog or Facebook Page.  
  • Increase reach - Social sharing increases the number of eyes on content and curated content helps you create a much larger digital footprint. Paper.li is shared easily via Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter and is available for viewing across numerous devices. 
  • Reinforce loyalty - Good and relevant content can be time consuming and difficult to find. Providing your audience with with fresh, compelling content on a regular basis is a valuable service that they will remember you for. 
  • Strengthen reputation - Curation can further strengthen your position as an "information destination" in your niche or area of expertise. Elevate your status in the eyes of your audience by pointing them to good content discovery and become the bridge between content sources and content seekers.
And here are a few event organizers who include Paper.li in their strategy already: 
Share your upcoming event with us and let us know how you'll be putting Paper.li to work. We look forward to hearing from you.