Monday, July 25, 2011

New Features: RSS, Blacklists and Improved Filtering

Good curation leads to great discovery! We're really excited to release new features and improved functionality that will provide you with even more control over your content.

Your in the curator's seat, so let us know what you think about the new features and how they are working for you. You can learn more about our features here on our forum.

1. Enhanced curation: addition of  RSS as a content stream
  • addition of one, or multiple, feeds to a
  • filtering against a RSS feed
  • prioritize feeds for feature and headline positioning

2. Enhanced editorial control: block people or websites from appearing daily 
  • block users via easy to use drop down menu
  • manage your blacklists from your papers' settings
  • reinstate  content with the click of a mouse

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Billion Articles Featured by Publishers

Publishers, you reached an amazing milestone yesterday! You featured the billionth article onto the pages of your topic specific newspapers, creating 1 billion more opportunities for favorite content to be (re) discovered, read and shared by like minded audiences worldwide. That's something to celebrate!

Since our launch in 2010, has grown from a service for a few early testers to a rapidly growing "curation nation" of hundreds of thousands micro-publishers worldwide, helping readers to find their way to content that matters.  We think that is simply fantastic.

As Editor's-in-Chief of your own news sites, you curate over 12.5 million links of your favorite web content daily (138 articles per second!) in 7 languages, enabling readers from Alaska to Zimbabwe to discover content in an entirely new way.  You are a core team of content curators that is redefining how content will be organized and discovered in the future. We know that you are onto something good, and we're proud to support you.

Last year in his post, The State of the Blogosphere, Brian Solis declared that 2011 would be "the year of information curation and the dawn of the new curator". That day is here. We're sure of it. Over the next several months, we will continue to roll out more of the great features that you have asked for in order for you to achieve it.

Keep the good comments, feedback and feature requests coming: we are only at the beginning of this exciting adventure and the 2 billion mark is just around the corner ;)