Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Paper.li Nomad is Now Available!

Beta testing for the Paper.li Nomad has officially ended and now the Nomad is available for all Paper.lis on the newsstand.

We would like to thank our community of beta testers who lent a hand in perfecting the Nomad, and blog and site owners for their enthusiasm and creativity. 

A Nomad that recently caught our attention is the "The Competitive Intelligence Daily" on  Competia.com. Competia presents their favorite news in a streamlined lightbox overlay. Take a peek, we think you'll like it too.

The Nomad code is available via the Embed icon located on the front page of your favorite Paper.li and can be customized in size, and color, to make a perfect fit on your site or blog.

Drop us a line with your feedback and share an embed URL. We look forward to hearing how the Nomad is working for you and seeing it in action!