Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's new at Paper.li

We are excited to share with you new features and functionality that will provide our publishing community more content selection and editorial control! Your feedback is what inspires features and functionality. We appreciate the great communication and feedback - keep it coming.
More Editorial Control
3 easy ways to reposition or remove content on your Paper.li
  • Make this my featured article : Move an article from section of your paper to the Featured Article Position
  • Remove from headlines : Remove an article from your headline area on any page down to the main body
  • Delete: Permanently remove content for that Edition
editorial control.jpg
Enhanced Curation
  • Add up to 5 multiple content sources for one Paper.li
  • Combine Twitter timelines, lists, queries and #tags as well as Facebook queries
  • Filter individual Twitter users or Twitter List for key words
Improved Newsstand Search
  • Improved Key Word contextual search
  • Search results for matching Paper.lis , Publishers, News Spotters
search papers and people.jpg
Improved Article and Source Discovery
  • Additional information icon linking to an article profile page
  • Discovery of other articles from the same source
  • Direct link to the source of content
article source.jpg
Introduction of Publisher Profiles
  • Direct link to a Publishers profile page
  • Discovery of other Paper.lis created or favorited by the publisher
  • Easy connect via Contact Info
Introduction of News Spotter Profiles
  • Direct link from News Spotter avatar to their profile page
  • Discovery other Paper.lis where their shared links shows up
  • Easy connect via Contact Info
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