Friday, March 18, 2011

Tips from the Team - Modifiers and Hyperlinks

This week I stumbled across a couple of value add ons for your Daily that I wanted to share :

  • adding a textile modifier to your Daily title
  • adding a hyperlink to your Editor's note

Textile Modifiers for Your Title Line

You are most likely familiar with the standard modifiers; italic, bold and bold and italic. How about trying a sub or superscript modifier like the one below?

superscript : make it ^_high_^ = make it high

subscript : make it ~*_low_*~ = make it low

_italics_ = italics

* bold* = bold _

* bold italics*_ = bold italics

Hyperlink in the Editors Note

The Editor’s note is a good tool for providing additional information about your Daily to your viewers. Most of our users don't know that a hyperlink can be added.

Insert the html code seen below into your note, replacing the example URL and description/ name with your own.

The final result will be a hyperlink as seen below.

Good weekend, and good publishing!