Thursday, October 14, 2010

Custom papers, archives & settings

Following the runaway success of since this summer, we have been under great pressure to scale our service to meet the demand for personalized newspapers. This development took the better part of 7 weeks, and led to a totally re-engineered service. Recently launched, it not only allows us to process a lot more papers on a daily basis, it also provides a sound base for additional features. The first of these new features are announced today at BlogWorld Expo 2010, in Las Vegas (of which we are a sponsor).

These new features are:
  • Custom papers – you can now create papers based on more complex Twitter queries, and optionally associated to a Twitter list. Look for the Create custom paper button on the creation page.
  • Customized update frequency – you can now specify how often a paper is updated. Daily, morning & evening, weekly, monthly – all possible. The update time can also be specified. Access the settings page in the my menu.
  • Paper archives – you now have access to previous editions of any paper. “ is bringing memory” to Twitter” (Brian Solis). Look for the Archives link in the header of each paper.
  • “Nomadic” papers – we have started experimenting with the embedding of papers elsewhere on the web. The first examples are Thriving in Michiana, and BlogWorld Expo. At the same time, we are also looking into advertising revenue sharing.
These features provide the first steps to finer editorial control and the creation of more targeted papers. You can expect to see more enhancements in the coming weeks...

Good reading!