Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Facebook newspapers on Paper.li

We have just released the possibility to create Facebook Papers. A first step in working with Facebook data, so any feedback (comments below) will be appreciated!

For now, you can create Papers based on a search of all public posts on Facebook (this means posts from people that have set their profile/wall to 'public'). It is a bit like a Twitter tag Paper, but for Facebook... Facebook currently supports only very basic keyword searches on public posts - so a paper based on the search 'climate energy' will find all posts containing both words - Paper.li then extracts all links, videos and photos, analyzes them, ranks them and creates the paper in a similar fashion to Twitter papers. So try it out, and tell us what you think...

We are also looking into other possibilities with Facebook - such a creating Papers for individual users. But that would mean Papers that can be viewed only by the Facebook user (i.e. private), and we wonder if people need/want a different way to look at their Facebook wall - so here again, tell us what you think!

This is an initial step in enabling further content sources for the creation of automated personalized newspapers. Many more to follow...

Want to try it now ? Browse Paper.li, click "Create a Newspaper" and follow the Facebook Papers instructions.