We have optimized paper.li for iPad browsing. Give it a try.
Just as with any web page, our newspapers can be shared with anybody, to be read on any device. A great way to stay abreast of what is being shared on Twitter about stuff you care about.

Good reading (now also on the iPad…) !

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3 Responses to “Paper.li website is iPad Ready”

  1. Pieter Bezuijen

    It may be that paper.li is optimized for iPad browsing, but I can’t scroll in the images and video row? And when added to the home screen, no custom icon is created. This would be great for recognition :)

  2. SmallRivers team

    Pieter – For the videos you should have right/left arrows, and for images it is 2-finger scrolling. We will improve as we go, and for sure will fix the omission of icon creation – thx for pointing it out!


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